Tuesday, August 30, 2011

mother's day out!

excited...can't you tell?

saying "cheese"

teacher gifts for ms. kathy and ms. angela!

a little morning climb before going to school.

griffin had his first official day of mother's day out. he had a GREAT day! we are looking forward to a wonderful school year!

the kids a have bible verse they learn each month. the verse this month is psalm 139:14
"God made me wonderful"


  1. Oh big CHUCKLES!!! They just don't like having their photos made at this age! So very familiar as you and Katie were so much the same. I am sure Robbie was the same! Still love the photos!

  2. I totally forgot my camera today! I told Ian we would take pictures on Thursday and pretend it is the first day. :)

  3. so cute!! glad he had such a great first day at school! cute teacher gift :)!!! xoxo

  4. Em - Griffin is huge! I haven't seen him in ages - he is the cutest little man! See you and the little Garretts soon I hope!