Sunday, April 10, 2011

hudson dean garrett

hudson dean garrett is here!! much to our surprise he decided to come a month early! we are so blessed to have a healthy baby boy!

when i woke up early this morning with contractions i didn't think it was possible that i would be having a baby today! we went ahead and went to church sunday morning because my contractions weren't that bad and still pretty inconsistent. after church we decided we needed to stop by the grocery store (for those of you that didn't know we moved friday). after the grocery store we came home and ate lunch and i then i decided i would lay down for a little while. i feel asleep for about 45 minutes and when i woke up my contractions were much stronger and closer together. i decided about 3:00 i should call the doctor. he told me to go ahead and head to mercy to get checked. by the time robbie got home from running errands and my mom got here to watch griffin it was about 3:30. when we checked into mercy and the nurse checked me i was dilated to an 8...yes you heard me an EIGHT! needless to say the next couple of hours went by very quickly! hudson was born at 6:53pm!

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